Royalty free aerial snapshots of Mackay, Queensland

Mackay is a Local Government Area on the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia with a population of approximately 78, 700. This city, nicknamed the sugar capital of Australia, produces more than a third of the country\'s sugar and extensive amounts of land are set aside specifically for growing sugarcane and agriculture, which includes crops, livestock and forestry. Mackay also offers much to see and do for the humble tourist. This region is home to over 31 white, tropical beaches, which also house many of the wonders from the Great Barrier Reef. Many of the islands that surround the Mackay region are just a short boat trip away and offer amazing seclusion. Keswick, St Bees, Carlisle, and Scawfell are just to name a few. Most of these islands and the surrounding Great Barrier Reef flora and fauna are best viewed through aerial photographs. Other than the tropical beaches and surfing conditions, Mackay also offers a true Aussie experience. Just beyond the highlands are the towns of Blair Athol and Peak Downs which allow tourists to fossick for gold, tour the gem fields and visit a working coal mine. Nebo, Clermont and Moranbah are historic cattle and mining towns and are definitely worth a visit. Mining contributes to about one third of Mackay\'s annual gross domestic product, mainly due to the large contribution of the coal loading terminals to the south at Hay Point. Moranbah, Dysart, Clermont and Glenden are all regional mining centres located in close proximity to the Bowen Basin, known for its infamous coal loading point. Apart from mining, retail sales and accommodation contribute to Mackay\'s annual gross domestic product. The Mackay region is home to the Whitsundays Islands group and the coastal towns of Bowen, Sarina, and Proserpine. Due to the tropical location of this region, these coastal towns and islands receives a tropical climate nearly all year round, with hot summers and fairly warm winters. Temperatures during the summer months usually reach a high of 30 degrees with winter temperatures just falling below 22 degrees. Water temperatures are also usually warm all year round, staying at approximately 25 degrees. Mackays population is more like 107000