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Make an income selling your aerial images on a global platform with 70% commission, we'll do all the work, all you have to do is create a profile and upload your images! The creators of AeroStock are fellow aerial photographers as we have been for the past twenty years, back when it was flying with a street directory and film cameras, oh how things have changed. 

As fellow creators understand the incredible value of the work you do. As such we believe the vast majority of earnings need to go to you, the photographers, the ones in the field doing the hard yards! As such we have opted to give you the lions share when we sell your photos for you. 


As founding members, currently all new photographers will receive 70% commission on all sales through our database. We are calling this the founding members rate, this will change over time, as the library grows, however all founding members will keep this amazing rate as a thank you to our fellow founding members. 


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Contributors FAQs


After you become a contributor, our editors review the images, illustrations, or videos you submit to ensure they meet the requirements before making them available online for customers to view and purchase.


When a customer wants to use your content, they purchase a licence that gives them legal permission to use it in their projects. It could show up on a billboard, a book cover, social media, in a magazine article, blog post, or on a website—almost anywhere. Royalty-free licencing is the most common licence we offer our customers, it allows them to use your content for an unlimited amount of time in as many projects as they like, for a one-time fee.


  • When you apply, you can submit your images to your Sellers Account for viewing & approval
  • Once you're a contributor, you can submit your photos through our website to be approved.
  • You grant us the right to licence your content, but you'll still own the copyright.
  • Your content must be your original work and not infringe on copyright, trademark, or privacy rights of others.
  • Photos should be in JPEG format 
  • Minimum size: 800 x 800px, 0.1MB
  • Maximum size: 9000 x 9000px, 20MB
  • We don't share your sample photos. If you become a contributor, you can re-submit that content to be considered for licencing.
  • You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.
  • Model and property releases are required if your content has recognizable people, places, logos, and more.

Application review time

We'll do our best to get back to you within a week of submitting your application. The welcome email will have instructions for completing your application including a request for your tax and payment information so you can be paid royalties.