Aerial stock photography of North Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

North Maleny, Sunshine Coast QLD 4552, Australia.

North Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland is a rural suburb that boasts green hills and a quiet setting. The unusual pastoral community has much to offer in spite of its quaint appearance, including lovely views of the landscape and rich rainforests. This region is well known for its relaxing atmosphere and its diverse population. Many artists and crafters are attracted to North Maleny and its surrounding areas. In turn, some tourists have shown interest in this attractive rural community. Barron Pocket Road is the main throughway in North Maleny. Hooper Road also connects to this charming village. These roads offer passage to a lovely community that is certain to leave an impression on the people who travel through this region. North Maleny is a currently tranquil and serene haven in the busy Sunshine Coast area. It has been an area marked for potential future development as the local communities expand.

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