* Cyan, * Series, Blue 1, Catagories, Colours, Cyan, Cyan 3, Earths Artwork, Green 1, Green 2, Green 3, Other Keywords, Ripples and Banks. EarthArt-801204 Quality aerial images of Bulwer QLD 4025 can be painful to search. AeroStock's stock library contains sky-high stock images of the Brisbane QLD and surrounding areas! Taken in 2005 these sky-high pics could be the ultimate photo for your needs.

Photo ID 1189 -30
Licence type Royalty-free
Location Queensland, Australia
Taken 2005:03:02 09:42:57
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Shutter speed 1/800
Aperture f/8
Focal length 18mm
ISO 400
Altitude 5000000

Color palette

#235d65 #87cdd6 #7da6c3 #599ea7 #5a899b #7d9cb2

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