High quality snapshot of Dunk, Cassowary Coast

High quality snapshot of Dunk, Cassowary Coast

11.82, Australia, Beach, Categories, Islands, Km to South Mission Beach, Queensland, South Mission Beach, geo:lat=-18.019590, geo:lon=146.167780, geotagged, in Queensland Australia. Impressive sky-high pics are often arduous to search for. That's why AeroStock has compiled a huge library of millions of shots taken around QLD and all over Australia. This 2010 panoramic aerial photo above the Cassowary Coast region shows Dunk from an altitude of 100000 meters.

Photo ID 27042 -30
Licence type Royalty-free
Location Dunk QLD 4852, Australia
Taken 2010:06:02 11:05:11
Camera Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
Shutter speed 1/2500
Aperture f/9
Focal length 130mm
ISO 1000
Altitude 100000
Sequence FN 0120827

Color palette

#406467 #9c9793

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