Spencer Gulf

Spencer Gulf

Looking north east towards the Flinders Rangers Blue, Blue 2, Catagories, Categories, Colours, Cyan, Cyan 2, Earths Artwork, Other Keywords, Pristine Places, Red 1, Water Ocean River, Yellow 1, brown, green, ocean. An ethereal stock photo of Commissariat Point South Australia 5715, this image skillfully photographed in the Port Augusta region is an up to date example of AeroStock's work all over the country.

Photo ID 7588 -20
Licence type Royalty-free
Location 3 Coulter Ct, Commissariat Point SA 5700, Australia
Taken 2006:02:14 10:56:21
Camera Canon EOS 5D
Shutter speed 1/800
Aperture f/10
Focal length 28mm

Color palette

#a49c89 #3c7086 #b1c5e5 #5a7d8e #3e3e39 #505155

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