V is for Victory

V is for Victory

A shot where the ocean, cliffs and sand make a V shape, which stands for victory. Always move forward!! Amazing sky-high pics are often hard to search for. That's why AeroStock has compiled a huge library of millions of shots taken of NSW and all over Australia. This 2022 panoramic aerial photo from the sky the Lake Macquarie region shows Redhead from an altitude of 87 meters.

Photo ID 680202 -50
Licence type Royalty-free
Location 13 Iluka St, Redhead NSW 2290, Australia
Taken 2022:01:09 14:35:30
Camera FC7203
Shutter speed 1/500
Aperture f/2
Focal length 4mm
Altitude 87

Color palette

#b6a8a8 #33433b #857f7a #8ea1ae #627976

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