Western Australia

Western Australia or WA is covering the entire western third of the country and is made up mostly of the arid Outback. Its population is concentrated in its fertile southwest corner, home to the Margaret River wine region and the riverside capital, Perth. In the far north, the Kimberley region is home to ancient Aboriginal rock art, the Bungle Bungle sandstone domes and Broome, with Cable Beach camels and a pearling industry.

Being Australia\'s largest state in terms of area, Western Australia covers the western third of the mainland and is bordered by South Australia and the Northern Territory. This state is the second largest subnational entity in the world and its capital city, Perth is one of the most isolated cities of its size on the planet. Western Australia also offers much to see and do for every type of tourist, from diving with whale sharks, to sleeping beneath the stars in the real Australian outback. Western Australia\'s land is incredibly ancient and severely eroded. The extreme age of the landscape leads it to be remarkably infertile and frequently laterised, leaving most of the state bare and arid. The general populous lives in the capital city of Perth, which lies on the south-western coast. Perth\'s metropolitan area has grown to encapsulate the port of Fremantle, and the town of Rockingham. Other largely populated areas include Mandurah, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Albany, Geraldton, Port Hedland, and Broome. Western Australia\'s economy is largely based on the extraction and export of mining and petroleum commodities, including that of iron, ore, alumina, natural gas, nickel, and gold. Western Australia alone produces more than 20% of the world\'s aluminium. Agricultural exports are also important for Western Australia\'s economy, especially those of wheat, barley, and sheep products such as wool and meat. The tourism industry within Western Australia has also grown over recent years with the majority of international visitors mostly come from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia. Due to the warm weather conditions Western Australia experiences all year round, the state has become a popular tourist destination. Offering a range of activities from land to water, Western Australia offers many activities for the humble tourist. From diving and snorkeling, fishing, rafting and canoeing to sailing, boating and cruising, Western Australia offers some of the best water activities available. With its crystal clear waters and dazzlingly blue skies, Western Australia offers beautiful weather conditions all year round. However, this state also offers many activities for those who like to stay on land. From art, culture and history, delicious restaurant and wineries to loads of local wildlife, National Parks and Perth Zoo, there\'s something for everyone. exmouth