Photo of Central Coast.

Photo of Central Coast.

Above 360. Beautiful sky-high shots are often stressful to search. That's why AeroStock has compiled a huge catalogue of millions of photos taken from the sky TAS and all over Australia. This 2014 stock photo around the Central Coast region shows The Entrance North from an altitude of 233 meters.

Photo ID 295032 -25
Licence type Royalty-free
Taken 2014:03:18 11:57:25
Camera Canon EOS 550D
Shutter speed 1/2000
Aperture f/9
Focal length 15mm
Altitude 233
Sequence 140318 115725 Camera1 07233

Color palette

#3b5e81 #bbd1e6 #97bce5 #7ba1cb #8394a7 #162a3f

Locations near The Entrance North

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