Tasmania TAS, an isolated island state off Australia’s south coast, is known for its vast, rugged wilderness areas, largely protected within parks and reserves. On the Tasman Peninsula, the 19th-century Port Arthur penal settlement is now an open-air museum. In Hobart, the port capital, Salamanca Place's Georgian warehouses now house galleries and boutiques. Its Museum of Old and New Art has a contemporary edge.

Tasmania, an Australian state, is located 200 kilometres south of the eastern side of the continent, separated from Victoria by the Bass Strait. The capital is Hobart, which is home to most of the population, as it also encompasses the cities of Glenorchy and Clarence. Other populated areas within this small state include Launceston in the north and Devonport and Burnie in the northwest. Macquarie Island, located about half-way between Australia and Antarctica, also forms part of Tasmania. Tasmania is considerably an island of temperate climate and has become volcanically inactive in recent geographical times, its rounded smooth mountain ranges similar to those within the mainland of Australia. It prides itself on being called the \"Natural State\" due to the conditions of its unspoilt, natural bush lands, 40% of the state is formally in reserves, National Parks and World Heritage Sites. Most of the population lives, however, along and around the coastal rivers; the Derwent and Huon Rivers in the south, the Tamar and Mersey Rivers to the north. Tasmania\'s main industries circulate around mining, including copper, zinc, tin and iron, agriculture, forestry and tourism. Tasmania also specialises in food exportation, chiefly that of seafood, mainly Atlantic salmon, abalone, and crayfish. Since 2001, the state of Tasmania has experienced a boom in its economy, property market and tourism industry. Cheaper sir fares and three new Spirit of Tasmania ferries have attracted more and more tourists each year. Small businesses are also a main part of community life within Tasmania and some often achieve further success, such as that of International Catamarans (manufacturers of large-scale catamarans), Moorilla Estate (a well-known winery located in the suburb of Berriedale) and Tassal (Australia\'s largest producer and exporter of Atlantic salmon). Tasmania also plays host to many famous annual events and festivals. The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Festival is one of these, eagerly anticipated as part of the Hobart Summer Festival. The Antarctic Midwinter Festival celebrates Tasmania\'s connection to the Antarctic, and is held each year on the inter solstice. Taste of Tasmania is another famous festival, centered on food and wine and held annually around New Year.