Booker Bay 2257, Daleys Point 2257

Booker Bay 2257, Daleys Point 2257

Boats, Booker Bay, Booker Bay Marina, Bouddi National Park, Brisbane Water, Catagories, Categories, Daleys Point, Fishermans Bay, High Altitude, Maitland Bay Drive, Marina, Rileys Bay, The Rip, The Rip Bridge, Water Ocean River.

Photo ID 1074 -30
Licence type Royalty-free
Location 214 Booker Bay Rd, Booker Bay NSW 2257, Australia
Taken 2005:12:18 14:39:02
Camera Canon EOS 5D
Shutter speed 1/640
Aperture f/7.1
Focal length 28mm
ISO 400
Altitude 0

Color palette

#506869 #ccb9ab #80a3c1 #19202a

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