Shorncliffe, Brisbane stock library, Queensland

Shorncliffe, Brisbane QLD 4017, Australia.

Shorncliffe is a suburb of Brisbane that is located about sixteen kilometres north-east of the CBD. This suburb has seen much growth, as has its neighbouring suburb, Sandgate. The appeal of coastal living has made each of these suburbs very appealing. Shorncliffe is bordered mostly by water. Most of the housing in the area consists of stand-alone houses and very few townhouses or units. Some of the older dwellings are being remodelled and raised in light of the new developments and interest in the suburb. The suburb offers quick access to the amenities of Brisbane as well s the appeal of the outdoors. Moora Park in Cabbage Tree Creek is a prime example of a well-tailored park that features bikeways, walkways, picnic areas and a small beach. The Sandgate Shopping Complex rests along Brighton Road. The complex provides excellent shopping opportunities for residents and visitors. Shorncliffe offers public transportation in all of its areas.

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