1.59 Km to Paradise Point in Queensland Australia, Australia, Paradise Point, Queensland, geo:lat=-27.882980, geo:lon=153.408940, geotagged. GC-0116151 May is a great opportunity taking photos from above the Gold Coast region, this photo of Paradise Point, Queensland was taken on Monday, May 31st 2010.

Photo ID 28246
Photographer Mike Swaine, Above Photography
License type Royalty-free
Location 31 King Arthurs Ct, Paradise Point QLD 4216, Australia
Taken 2010:05:31 09:35:15
Camera Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
Shutter speed 1/1000
Aperture f/16
Focal length 40mm
ISO 1000
Altitude 100000
parsedTimestamp 1275298515

Color palette

#353f42 #c4cad0 #817467 #6882a6

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