SC 0167438

SC 0167438

Categories, Clouds, Earths Artwork, Mountains, Pristine Places. Ideal aircraft high-quality images are often painful to find. That's why has compiled a tremendous image database of millions of snapshots taken from above QLD and all over Australia. This 2010 image over the Sunshine Coast region shows Peachester from an altitude of 1600000m.

Photo ID 33315 -50
License type Royalty-free
Location Unnamed Road, Glass House Mountains QLD 4518, Australia
Taken 2010:10:05 06:28:23
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter speed 1/1600
Aperture f/20
Focal length 90mm
ISO 500
Altitude 1600000

Color palette

#c3b3aa #3b3844 #73696f #5e5159 #8e7a78

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