Dunes and Waves

Dunes and Waves

This photo is part of the collection "Earth's Artwork" produced by Above Photography. For this image and many more, please see our website. * Blue, * Cyan, * Series, Blue, Blue 3, Brushstrokes, Categories, Colours, Cyan, Cyan 3, Earths Artwork, Mangroves, Other Keywords, Patterns, Ripples and Banks, Sandbanks, Water Ocean River, green, ocean, reef. A quality snapshot of Golden Beach Queensland 4551, this panoramic aerial photo shot in the Sunshine Coast region is a stunning example of AeroStock's work all over the country.

Photo ID 1418 -40
Licence type Royalty-free
Location Ocean Beach, Bribie Island North QLD 4507, Australia
Taken 2005:10:11 13:18:23
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Shutter speed 1/1250
Aperture f/6.3
Focal length 55mm
ISO 400
Altitude 100000

Color palette

#315a68 #a4b2ba #738b98 #5a848a

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